Life List – or – Bucket List if you will…

Create a bucket list

Cook my way through a cookbook.

Grow a vegetable garden

Run a 5k race.

Go on a multi-day hiking trip

Find my happy weight.

Road trip across Canada

Visit the Kurt Cobain Memorial

Capilano Suspension Bridge

See the Northern Lights

Visit New York City

Watch a sunrise at the beach

Pay off my student loans / Become debt-free.

Have a photo published  (National Geographic online counts!)

Take Zumba classes

Learn Spanish

Go Fishing

Go Paintballing

Go zip lining

Visit the Amazon

Do a wine tour

Reach 1000 followers/likes on my PKU page (**almost there)

Watch My Children Graduate High School

Visit The Castles of Europe

Name a star after my children

Stand in two different time-zones at once

Launch my PKU Awareness blog

Open and run my own bookstore