She dreams

She turned her can’t s into cans and her dreams into plans
With tranquility of mind she embraced that which defined her
Choosing to be strong when everything seemed to be going wrong
Embracing a life that failed to be perfect but never failed to be beautiful
She lived , she laughed, she loved….
and most intently she dreamed


Woke up this morning to the sound of my phone alarm – beeeep beeeep beeeep (ugh)..
Hello Monday…
My usual routine is to grab my ipod from the headboard and to check my email, FB etc – today
was no different EXCEPT when I checked my email I found that I am one of 3 winners for the Make overMomma’s Make Over competition.
Needless to say I didnt beleive it was real, but I had entered the competition so a little psyched I contacted
the sender who confirmed that YES I was a winner and the whole process was about to begin.
My “before” picture was sent to Loreal Paris’s Kelly Van Gogh, who will be selecting my make up and hair colour,and the participating companies will be sending me their products to use for 30 days to complete the make over process. I will most definitley be doing a daily re-cap of everything I am doing – this is so exciting!
Here is a list of what I will be using:
Accessory Makeover: Stella & Dot