Originally from South Africa, I have lived in Vancouver since 1999.

My blog tells a story, a story of what makes me laugh, what makes daily life fabulous, things that inspire me, places I dream to see or things I would love to have. I hope to learn more and more about myself and those around me as each day passes on this blog.


Live, Laugh, Love and Dream…<3 (my life’s motto)

Just me

Things that make me sigh:

The smell of freshly cut grass, the smell of winter, the colours of fall, book stores, library’s… ahh and so much more.

Things that I like:

photography, art, reading, painting, crepes with cinnamon lemon and sugar, unique things from antique stores, forgotten photographs, masks, cereal with ice cold milk, forests, aromatherapy, writing, old records, tarot cards, mystical things..

Things that make me smile: fall mornings, red sunrise, snow globes, cats, how people look at the ground right after they trip, the perfect martini

Things I cant live without: my camera, books, family, creativity



We all get to a place in life where we start to be guided by something greater than ourselves… Hope you find something that inspires you or something that you can relate to.


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