The Confessional by Reiny Pierson


As a fan of vintage or antique furniture/things, this book has me thinking twice before bringing anything into my home. WOW – what an outstanding read! Definitely an easy/fast read, maybe because its an absolute page turner it felt fast but absolutely worth raving about. If you enjoy the paranormal or if you’re looking at trying out a new genre, I recommend you give this book a shot.



Sarah Tazewell, a cerebral, highly intuitive woman, knew from an early age that she was psychic. When she and her husband David buy a confessional booth from The Governor s Antiques in Mechanicsville, VA and convert it into a phone booth for their Queen Anne Victorian, Sarah senses a presence in the confessiona. Later, the voices become only one voice: that of a murderer that rapes and strangles his victims. Though consumed with fear and anxiety, Sarah refuses to be a victim and sets out on a journey to learn more about the confessional. Sarah s antagonist is a brilliant, charismatic sexual psychopath who conforms to a ritual of murder and confession. The confessional in the 100-year-old church where he confessed was an integral part of the ritual. When he comes to confess after another murder, he finds his confessional gone and begins a frantic search to find it.”


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