What would you tell your 20’something self??







An age old question, “if you could go back and do it over, would you?” … my response, “uh,,, no – probably not”.


Now here’s a good one, “What advice / life lessons would you tell your 20 year old self?” – the reason I chose 20 year old self is because we all know teens don’t listen to anyone but their friends so going back and telling yourself something in those years would simply be a waste now wouldn’t it?

I read a post recently that got me thinking about this, man oh man what wouldn’t I tell my self? “don’t take that second piece of cake!”, “no that last tequila shot was not a good idea”. *giggle, it’s the little things that count right? Anyway, I decided to limit my telling to 6 things – 6 life lessons or tidbits of advice for my 20 year old self:

  1. Just say NO– If you don’t want to do something, say no. People will try to take advantage of you and use you. Eliminate time-wasters and stop getting sucked into things you don’t want to do. Say no. The world won’t end and life will go on. Always go with your gut. That goes for people, places and things.
  2. Have a Social Life – Surround yourself with only positive, fun and supportive people. Extra points if they are like-minded and share similar goals. Distance yourself from any friends who are negative, bring you down or are emotional vampires.
  3. SAVE SAVE SAVE – Have enough money saved, keep your resume updated and diversify your skillset so that if you lose your job tomorrow, you will still be on your feet.
  4. Cry Cry Cry – You will get back up. Your heart will mend. You will forget. And one day in the future, it will all make sense.
  5. Get Active –  Get into a healthy lifestyle now- it gets harder the older you get.
  6. And finally.. –  Know that this is the time of your life where you get to explore, dream, stumble, learn, make mistakes, get your heart broken….the list is endless. These are the years where you figure out who you are. Enjoy it! Time is something you can’t get back so live, laugh, love and enjoy every moment!


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