A silent addiction?

We’ve all done it, taken months and months to upload our photo’s to the computer . I used to be pretty good at getting them done as soon as I was done taking them (pretty much), well this time around I left my photo’s un-edited and not uploaded for a good few months, leaving me with over 300 edits to do today – it was fun!

Having realized that Facebook had become a silent addiction, I have decided to move away from that social network and to communicate on a more personal note via my blog only. Also, I finally updated my flickr photo stream  with a few photo’s that I felt “made the cut” to be viewed by the public. I hope you like them as much as I do.

We’ve all heard of the zombie apocalypse, and I am sure we all have our own version of it. I personally think we may have miss-interpreted the term “zombie”.

The addiction we all have to our Facebook / social media accounts have us communicating less, envying  more, spending countless hours trolling each-others timelines for the slightest indication that someone else may be referring to us personally via cryptic status updates so that we can lash out with some form of quoted message stolen from the internet  and pasted into our updates as a cryptic message to those that you know they are referring to you… It’s a crazy circle, and you’re probably getting on the defensive right now saying “pfft not me, I never thing that” , anyway my point is we have all become “zombies” to non-communication – god forbid all the servers were to shut down simultainiously and leave us with no connection to what Bobby did on his vacation, or how many times Jenny’s baby threw up!


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