Jack The Ripper – The Facts

Jack the Ripper

My Thoughts:

I have always been fascinated by the history surrounding Jack the Ripper, I remember in high school we were given a project to do – we had to research and talk about someone from history that we were interested in etc. Much to my teachers surprise, I chose Jack the Ripper… not because I am a fan of his work (no no no) but because he never got caught.

This book is a fantastic collection of the facts, it is not overly focused on the many suspects but on the ones that Scotland Yard viewed as suspects. It is very well written & well researched.

I give this book an “outstanding” on the review front!


Description (via Netgalley)

Using contemporary documents, police files, Home Office papers and newspaper reports, ‘Jack the Ripper: The Facts’ recreates the notorious crimes and police investigation of 1888 to provide the best available overview of the ‘Great Victorian Mystery’, the greatest unsolved, true crime story of all time.

Written by one of the world’s foremost authorities on the case, this is a completely rewritten and fully updated edition of Begg’s classic title Jack the Ripper. It follows the crimes chronologically and records the most significant events, witness testimonies and aspects of the police investigation. As well as objectively examining the primary police suspects, Begg provides a fascinating and authoritative insight into related political issues and background events.


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