Thank YOU!

Having grown up on the other side of the world I never really celebrated Thanksgiving …. well not only on one day a year – you see we tend to be raised to be thankful every day, something that I personally (and I am entitled to my personal opinion) think is lacking in many places around the world – usually the places of  the higher privileged are much less thankful than they aught to be.

I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last night with my brother and my two children (who I am of coarse most thankful for) and got to thinking about what my “Giving Thanks” post would be, having read a number of posts made by friends and family … well to be honest they all seemed pretty generic “thank you for my wonderful friends” “thank you for my family” “Thank you for John Doe who got me through it all” yada yada yada, and although of coarse I am thankful for these things too – I feel that we are all forgetting to thank the most important person in our lives, the one who has truly been there for us through thick or thin, the one who never left, the one who never lied, the one who got you that promotion, the one who helped you lose those extra pounds… Our one true best friend, that knows us deep down – no matter what mask we choose to wear each day.  We forget to thank ourselves!

Yes your friends give you advice, your mom raised you, your boss gave you the promotion or your trainer kicked your butt into shape – BUT you implemented the advice, no one forced you. You worked your ass off for that promotion and you sacrificed, dieted and worked out every day to get into shape. You were there those nights when you were alone, you got yourself through that break up with dignity (and wine) ….So take some time today to say Thank you to yourself for all that you do, all you have been through and for all that you create for yourself.

When your done doing that, take some time to thank that turkey for giving its life, the farmers who worked tireless hours to get those veggies to the store, the clerk that works on your day off so you can nip up to the store for that can of whipped cream you forgot.


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