Looking back at…My life in a year…

I have been working on this blog (on and off) for a year now, and looking back on that year it seems like I have been scattered in so many directions and have had so many changes to face.

In a year (since starting this blog) I have:  (ok there has been more, but this is what stands out)

    • had a broken laptop
    • switched from blackberry to android
    • discovered new PKU recipes for my son
    • have boosted my PKU Awareness FB page from 0 to 396 “likes”
    • participated in the BC Children’s hospital walk/run and raised almost $300 for the new hospital expansion
    • changed my hair on multiple occasions
    • watched my daughter start her first year of high school
    • finished about 16 books (started about 40 haha)
    • gone from Engaged to Single
    • started a job with some very inspirational people
    • met some very interesting and well known people
    • been to a Foo Fighters concert
    • discovered Pinterest
    • taken part in a photo challenge
    • watched my son grow into a two and a half year old super hero
    • discovered a delicious wine – Moon Curser 

and…found that I have been completely lacking on the creativity front 😦 (boo) 

Although it feels like I have been through a complete whirlwind this past year and that some of the changes should surely have knocked me down – I am at yet another point of change… there are quite a few changes on my horizon, some scary, some stressful but I will remain positive that the Universe has a plan for me and that the only way for anyones life to have light is for us to see through the cracks (right?)


One thought on “Looking back at…My life in a year…

  1. HE is the lamp unto your feet and the light unto your path. 🙂 May the Lord bless you and your family as you embark on a new chapter.

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