“New Age”

While browsing the book store the other day looking for something to catch my attention – I came across The Green Wiccan Year, This  book is a combination of diary and spellbook and would be ideal to use as a personal book of shadows – a witch’s record of spells, rituals and magickal notes.

Anyway – the book is not the reason for my blog entry but rather the question that I have had in my mind since finding the book – ” why is anything Pagan, Wiccan etc considered NEW Age when in fact they have been around longer than Christianity, Judaiism, Buddhism and well all other ism’s really?” Another question I ask is “why are these ancient beliefs considered by so many to be evil when Christianity itself borrows so many traditions from them – being the “Christmas” season, here are a few examples:

The Christmas tree – A Pagan tradition which symbolizes fertility and prosperity which was decorated as follows:

Red/Gold  baubles to symbolize the Sun (God), Candles to symbolize the light growing stronger (days becoming longer)

Other decorations at this time of year include –

Holly which in Pagan tradition represents the old.

Mistletoe which Pagan tradition represents the new waxing year.

Ivy , Pine Cones and Evergreen branches to represent rebirth and fertility.

Yule log burned to represent the rebirth of the Sun God.

….New Age …. hmmm not so much…


One thought on ““New Age”

  1. I’ve often wondered that myself. Most recently, actually, when I asked an employee at Books-a-Million for a specific book, and he pointed me to the “New Age” section. I have found it odd, but I don’t let it bother me. Let them slap a funky label on it, but at least it’s still there. 🙂

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