Merry Ho Ho

I have decided that this weekend will kick off the Holiday season for me, enough bah-humbug from this lady!(heh, I called myself a lady)

Over the years I have developed a few Christmas traditions that I would like to pass onto my son – the first includes the age old classic of decorating the tree, but of coarse it may be a little difficult this year because he is two and still puts everything in his mouth.  Anyhoo, the tradition is that once the tree is done, the final decoration (usually a star or an angel) gets put on the tree by the youngest member so this year it will be Allister’s job. (yay…)

Some other things we love to do (we meaning my daughter Keelyn and myself) is to watch Christmas movies, usually this starts off on December 4th (I dont know why, but it just does) and the first movie is ALWAYS “ELF“… I really love this movie and hope Allister takes to it like we have.

A few other Holiday movie musts are:

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Home Alone

The Holiday

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Polar Express

I will also be sending out Christmas cards, taking winter photos and hosting a few parties at home – Namely an Ugly Sweater Christmas dinner  with various family members attending via skype and in person and A Masquarade New Years Eve, all of this while away from home 13 hours a day 5 days a week and when all I want to do is SLEEP.


What are your plans? Do you have any traditions for this time of year?






One thought on “Merry Ho Ho

  1. What a great list of movies! I shall refer to it again in the coming weeks.

    It just so happens that we (the Mr and I) are going to wear the ugliest Christmas sweaters we can find (thrift) to Christmas dinner this year! I couldn’t be more excited.

    Your holiday traditions sound so lovely. We have some pretty great traditions too, that I’m going to blog about very soon. Traditions we (my sister and I) have had since children, that we still carry on today with our hubbies.

    Have a great weekend, Mel!

    D x

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