What do I want? What do I really, really want?

Far from being a trivial or selfish question, this is one of the most profound things we can ask ourselves because our desires guide us in the direction of our destiny. Our aspirations and dreams derive from our individual soul, which wants most of all to fulfill its unique purpose in this life.
We are each multidimensional beings, and the different levels of our being give rise to different desires. At the physical level, our body has certain needs and desires for food, water, comfort, nourishing touch and other essential elements for health and vitality. The subtle or psychological level of our existence, which includes our mind, ego, and intellect, desires emotional security and connection. And the causal or spiritual level wants to express itself and experience oneness, expansion, and unity.

So, plant your seeds of intention and desire in the fertile soil of pure consciousness. Then in the months to come, watch them bloom and blossom in your lives.



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