Kickin’ it up a notch..

After 3 weeks of daily gym(ing), cycling or walking to work (3.5km) I have been given the opportunity to kick it up a notch. I have random memberships to coupon sites and today’s deal at Social Shopper is  $19 for 4 weeks of unlimited customized bootcamp for women at Four Shapes Training (a $250 value).

I tend to have a problem with “sticking to things I start” so I am verrrry hopeful that I will complete the 4 weeks, I would like to do a minimum 3 days per week – leaving room for my Tuesday night Belly Dancing class. Now here’s the kicker, the class I plan on attending (fingers crossed for availability) is at 6.45am (yup AM) – I will be either cycling to the class (2.2km) and then onto work OR be getting a ride most of the way and walking to work after… SO if all goes to plan I should be well on my way to a new me very very soon.

Must find the daily push and motivation to stick it out!!


Wish me luck ❤


One thought on “Kickin’ it up a notch..

  1. You’re not alone! I think a lot of people have a hard time finishing what they start. When do you start the four-week program? You must be feeling amazing, Mel!! Good for you honey.

    D x

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