Looky looky

Ok so I love books, magazines, photos, READING so I have found the perfect eReader for me:

The Pandigital Novel Colour Multimedia eReaderPandigital Novel 7" Wi-Fi Colour eReader (PRD07T20WBL1)


I cant wait to have my little paws on this baby – My KOBO account aint seen nothin yet!




2 thoughts on “Looky looky

  1. Nice! I need to set aside more time to read. One of the things on my “to do” list is to finish the book I’m currently reading, The Wind-Up Bird by Haruki Murakami (great book), and pick up a new one for our vacation; I’m looking at Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. Have you read it?

    Hey Mel… you should add this to your blog: http://linkwithlove.typepad.com/linkwithlove/

    • Oooh luv luv luv.

      I read Committed – it’s lovely. A great addition to Eat Pray Love. You will like it. I will most probably be onto The Wind-Up Bird next now that I read the plot summary, absolutely love books like that.

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