Is’nt is lovely how our thoughts on life and our hobbies/interests change as we sail through the different stages of our lives?

Not too long ago (maybe 5 years or so) I was crazy about music and live shows, I loved rock bands and wanted to be out on the town as much as I could…. before that I loved art, movies, techno, house music, weekend parties and multiple cocktail recipes.  Ah those were the 20’s….

My 30’s so far have become more and more inspiring as the days go by. Although I still love the music I mentioned; I find myself loving books, reading, art, crafts, thrift stores, GARDENING, photography, sketching, museums, spirituality and well …….life.

I guess things change whether we want them to or not, they key to happiness is to accept the changes and love each moment.

The other day Ty (my fiance’) showed me that my favourite coffee cup was cracked 😦 – he was about to toss it out but instead I held onto it… later he gave me the idea below:

🙂 is’nt it lovely! *heart*



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