Book luv!

So we all know that I love books – all kinds of books, most especially life improvement and life changing books. Anyway one of my other fave pastimes is to visit thrift stores and recently I went to Value Village and found THE book I have been meaning to buy for a while now….

The book is based on the happiness project the author Gretchen Rubin developed for herself based on her life/lifestyle. She decided that she was content with her life but could be much happier. The entire project took her a year to complete and each month she gave herself a new task that she broke down into mini tasks. All of her tasks were created in the hopes of leading to more happiness in her life. Some of her tasks included boost energy, lighten up and keep a contented heart.

The whole idea of the Happiness Project is that anyone can start their very own project that can be tailored to his/her life.


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